Saturday, November 3, 2012

Color Me Rad 5K

I have been "running" for a while now. Let me clarify. I have been jogging slowly for a couple of months. My endurance has been building up--no where near where I would like it yet, but it is coming slowly but surely. I have made it from dying after 30 seconds of jogging to being able to go about 2 miles before I start whining heavily. Looking for a race to check out my endurance, Jim and I signed up for the Color Me Rad 5K. We ended up bringing the kids--and basically walked the whole thing. So, it was a fun family event--but no running involved :) I will have to keep persevering as I am currently signed up for a 1/2 marathon in January? What was I thinking?!

So nice and clean!

My buddy, Tim, from work

Zane going for a ride--3 miles is far for short legs

Colorful family photo!

Tim and his girlfriend, Brittany

Our "rad" RAD tattoos. I am leaving mine for work on Monday :)


Sunday morning, before we started our trip back home, we went the the SeaLife Aquarium next door to Legoland.  We didn't stay too long as we had a long drive home ahead of us.  However, we had fun checking out the fish and sharks and the "Claws" exhibit they had set up for Halloween time. 


The slide at the start of the aquarium.

Popping up in one of the tanks!

Huge crabs!

Couldn't resist Lego Spongebob!


We spent 2 fun days in Anaheim at Disneyland. Friday night we drove to Carlsbad so we could go to Legoland.  Our Saturday morning started off at the Minute Clinic so we could get Caden's throat checked out. He had finished antibiotics for strep on Tuesday, and by Wednesday night was complaining that his throat hurt again. The rapid strep test came back negative (the culture would come back positive a few days later) so with ibuprofen in his system, off to Legoland we went! 

Legoland also had a bunch of stuff set up for Halloween. Including Brick or Treat nights--you dress in your costume and follow designated paths to collect goodies!  

Lego Vampires
Favorite thing at Legoland is the Volvo Driving areas
A sleeping lego tourist

All dressed up for Brick or Treating

Start of the Brick or Treat Trail



Jim and I planned on taking the kids to Disneyland. We also decided not to tell the kids. We left Wednesday after school--and told the boys we were going out for dinner. Our trusting kids whined only minimally as we drove for almost 1.5 hours before finding a McDonald's for dinner. And then didn't really question WHY we drove so far for a restaurant that is 1 minute away from our house. After we had some chicken nuggets, Jim explained that now we would have to drive home. So, as we continued our drive to California, the boys thought we were heading home. We made it all the way into the valet parking area of the Grand Californian Resort before I POINTED out that the signs said Disneyland. I asked who wanted to see Mickey? Zane started crying and saying he didn't want to. Caden started panicking because Jim said he made a wrong turn and Caden thought we were lost. Not exactly the reaction we were looking for, but it was late after a long day. Once we go checked into the hotel, and the boys found that they had bunk beds to sleep in--and Zane realized that Mickey was not in our room, the boys were SUPER excited. 
The last two years we have gone to Disneyland in the summer. Lines are long and weather is hot. So, this year we decided to go in the fall. What a BIG difference it made!  Disneyland was all set up for Halloween. Some of the rides had "Halloween" effects and lots of decorations everywhere!  The weather was perfect and since we stayed at a Disney hotel, we got the "Magic Hour" which allowed us in to the park one hour prior to the park opening. That was so much fun! We got in some rides that would've taken a long time to wait for otherwise.  

First morning at Disneyland!
My 3 favorite boys on the Jungle Cruise.
Cars Land was AMAZING!

Breakfast at Goofy's Kitchen

Zane still way too skeptical to be in pics with characters by himself!

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